My Christmas and New Year Traditions

This is my sixth list in the #Project14lists, a blogging project initiated by the lovely Shealea. She is also hosting a great giveaway. If you haven't checked it out already, find all the details here. Merry(Belated) Christmas everyone! I know Christmas was two days ago, but lets be honest, Christmas celebrations don't end until the … Continue reading My Christmas and New Year Traditions

Scattered Thoughts#1-Putting People on Pedestals

Today I talk about my opinion on worshipping people or as the title goes, "putting people on pedestals".  People are pretty complex. They are multifaceted, having various layers to them. They can't be categorized into black or white. They have both positive and negative attributes. So when you put a person on a pedestal, for … Continue reading Scattered Thoughts#1-Putting People on Pedestals