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My Christmas and New Year Traditions

This is my sixth list in the #Project14lists, a blogging project initiated by the lovely Shealea. She is also hosting a great giveaway. If you haven't checked it out already, find all the details here. Merry(Belated) Christmas everyone! I know Christmas was two days ago, but lets be honest, Christmas celebrations don't end until the… Continue reading My Christmas and New Year Traditions

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Non-YA Authors I Would Like To Read In 2019

In today's post, I talk about authors, whose works I would love to read in 2019. These writers have written critically-acclaimed books, but not in the Young Adult genre. Before we begin, I would like to inform you that this post is part of a series of posts that I will write in the #Project14lists, a… Continue reading Non-YA Authors I Would Like To Read In 2019

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My Author Bucket List(YA Edition)

Welcome to my second list of #Project14 lists, an ingenious project created by the wonderful Shealea at thatbookshelfbitch, where I talk about some of the authors whose books, written in the Young Adult genre, am yet to read. Prepare to get shocked as I reveal some of the famous authors I still haven't read! Morgan… Continue reading My Author Bucket List(YA Edition)