List Of Favorite Youtubers

Hello, everyone! I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos currently since I’m at home due to court vacations(I am a lawyer, if you didn’t know). So I thought why not share some of my favorite Youtubers here? So here we go:

  1. Lifestyle/Motivational Youtubers

a. Lavendaire

Eileen, whose Youtube channel name is Lavendaire, is a lovely person who gives great life advice and has tons of useful tips to improve your day-to-day life as well. Below is one of my favorite videos from her:

b. Muchelleb

Muchelle is another youtuber with great advice for living a mindful life.

c. Rowena Tsai

Another inspirational Youtuber whose videos are a must-watch.

2. Booktubers

a. Peruse Project

Regan, who runs the channel Peruse Project, was the first Youtuber through whom I was introduced to the world of Booktube. She has great book recommendations and does entertaining reading vlogs as well. For example, she recently did the following video:

b. A Clockwork Reader

Hannah is another lovely booktuber who’s book recommendations and reviews are really good. She also loves panic at the disco, which is another reason to love her.

c. Hailey In Bookland

Hailey is another cool booktuber whose videos I love.

3. Aesthetic Youtubers

a. Clahrah

Clara’s videos are so pretty and aesthetic that you can even watch her doing mundane stuff like cooking or writing and not get bored.

b. CatCreature

Another YouTuber whose videos are really fun to watch.

These are some of the Youtubers I like to watch. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? Do let me know in the comments below.


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