Scattered Thoughts#1-Putting People on Pedestals

Today I talk about my opinion on worshipping people or as the title goes, “putting people on pedestals”. 

People are pretty complex. They are multifaceted, having various layers to them. They can’t be categorized into black or white. They have both positive and negative attributes. So when you put a person on a pedestal, for instance, actors/actresses, sportspersons, etc., you strip them of their complexities, especially their negative traits and start treating them as Godlike, as someone who is “perfect”.  Someone who can do no wrong. This becomes pretty problematic, as although they are praised when they do something positive, they are bashed and treated harshly when they are in the wrong. We tend to forget that they are humans too, ordinary like us (however unimaginable it seems), and are equally capable of messing things up. 

So the next time you think of a celebrity as “the greatest person ever to walk on this earth” or another as “the worst person to exist on this planet”, step back for a moment, think of them as human and then judge them accordingly.

“After all, to err is human.”

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